Scope New York Art Fair 2017

Urgel3 is an artist collective in Madrid Spain.

Louder Than Words 2017

Louder Than Words brings together an international group of artisit form 12 countries who use different mediums to express their emotions, concerns, and memories. Ideas of life,nature,hope,decay, politics and world events speak to the world,louder than words can describe.

Exchanges on Paper 2017

Exchanges on Paper  Highlights the signifigant  role and variety of form paper  has taken  over tome in the world of art.

Indecipherable Message 2017

Linguistic Murmurs is a study of language and art as possible words. Inspired by political rhetoric during the 2016 Presidential campaign,quasi words form a language of icons and indexes questioning truth and authenticity.
By using unreadable symbols, understanding without knowledge is conflicted Multiple meanings begin to form in the mind.
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